C-Suite & Executive Experience: 2006-Current

Positions Level & Projetcs

As the CRO, the main goal is to strategize, build, and improve the ‘machines’ driving revenue toward Cincopa. One of the critical objectives for which I’m accountable is for better integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including product marketing, sales, customer support, pricing, and revenue management, in addition to overseeing the strategy for profitable revenue generation over the long term. With his extensive experience in the SaaS industry, Kiefer holds and with an excellent understanding of SaaS-based cross-channel Go-To-Market and the programmatic space, with Cross-functional expertise ensuring sales, marketing, and customer relationship communication well, share information, and collaboration in content creation so that all messaging fits their target customers.
(Remote Work) Performance Results YoY:
  • Hire, coach, build and manage the Company’s RevOps Department with all staff.
  • Kiefer has successfully implemented SLG (Sales Led Growth) and PLG (Product Led Growth) Strategy and process, which increased the MRR/ARR by 141%.
  • Performance above Revenue Goal’s expectation at 115% with integrated full-funnel marketing campaigns.
  • New Product Leader- Led and managed the new Company Product Solution and was responsible for building the Revenue streaming from scratch to be the 1st strategic priority solution for 2023.
  • Restructure the Inbound and Outbound, including marketing, Sales, Customer Success/Service, and Product, contributing to increased efficiency and growth of 224% LTV in the last two years.
  • Executed a new revenue channel streaming within nine months, representing 25% of the company’s Revenue.
  • Have led the Implementation of a HubSpot Automation Platform, which includes the Sales Hubs, Support Hub, and Marketing Hub, and integrates with the Company DB, solutions, and user base.
–Remotely– An OTT (Over the Top) software technology for the for Broadcasting Companies.
  1. I recruited by the CEO of the Company to established and refined the Marketing and Sales operation for the OTT (Over the Top) software technology in the N.A. market.
  2. Recruited and managed the Marketing and Inside Sales department.
  3. I strategized the company Sales and Marketing process, including Sales Funnel to all the company’s region.
  4. Achieved to generated and classified more than 500 MQLs and succeed to reach Success Rate of over 30% with engagement with the Inside Sales Team.
  5. Filling the pipeline with Qualified decision makers to increase the sales opportunities and fast-track business.
  6. Built Digital Marketing Campaigns which I achieved to reach over three times 3X (Three Times) Inbound Meetings in N.A. and Europe from a year before.
The VideoFlow’s DVP Software and Hardware is enabled a reliable broadcast quality video delivery over IP networks without sacrificing a single pixel quality.
  1. Recruited by the VP Marketing and Product to build and managed the Marketing and Sales department for the Video over IP Enterprise Software in the N.A. Market.
  2. Achieved to increase the company Pipeline in more than 600% in less than 12 months.
  3. Negotiated to sign on the largest Sale in revenue and size with one of the Top Three Customer in the Industry- 10X (ten times) on average monthly revenue.
  4. Direct Sales from the Broadcasting industry, which I increased the Company’s Sales in more than 170% within less than 18 months.
  5. I strategized and built the Multi-Channels digital marketing for the broadcasting Industry with Inside Sales team operation, and which I doubled (200%) the success rate.
  6. Achieved over 25% conversion rate to sales during Business Road Shows and Trade-Shows.
  7. Carrying Leads from MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) through the total Sales (SQL) Process until closing the deals (CQL), which accomplished a 33% conversion.
  8. I achieved more than 350% increments in awareness via Digital Marketing (SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media)
Screenz is a SaaS platform that empowers professional content creators to build personal relationships with their mass audiences.
  1. I’ve strategized the company SaaS platform Products in messages and sales process to fit a specific market and was able to reduce the sales cycle, to 3 months (From 12 months).
  2. Recruited and Managed the Marketing and Inside Sales department.
  3. Developed and implemented Multi-Channels Marketing (SEO, Emails Automation, Paid Ads, etc.) and refined the company sales process.
  4. Filling the pipeline with Qualified decision makers and achieved to increase by more than 300% in nine months.
  5. I put in action an effective business development strategy starting with Marketing Campaigns, and Lead Generation, with a skilled Inside Sales team throughout the Marketing specialists and which increase in 150% the engagement with Prospects.
WinkApp is the startup company with the most advanced technology solution for connecting offline to online content.
  1. Structuring the financial plan, SaaS business model and overall company strategy for the Retailer and Publishers Industry.
  2. I restructured the business model of the Company SaaS Product for the Retailers and Publishers industry.
  3. Built the Sales Funnel and Manage the sales operation with the Prospect up to the closing, with over 100 new Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) in less than six months.
  4. Generated and signed the first largest deal to the company within nine months and with one of the top 10 company in the publishing Industry.
  5. I led the 1st investment round for the company from private investors and Family Office.
Cybersecurity B2B Software (SAAS) solution – Recruited by the Board of Directors to serve as CEO.
I led strategic planning to develop an efficient business model for the company SaaS Products and Enterprise Software Solutions (B2) and managed international sales locations in US and Israel. Re-Built marketing and sales team to meet current political factors and ensured global compliance. We identified and implemented cost savings initiatives. Advanced monitor performance tools for remote and in-office teams.
(On-Site Work) Performance Results YoY: WinkApp is the startup company with the most advanced technology solution for connecting offline to online content.
  1. Kiefer has Restructured 50+ employee organizations, including the management team, to focus more resources on strategy, sales, and marking.
  2. Managed and led multiple disciplines teams (R&D, Sales, Marketing, Support, Board, and Investors) to remodel a Cyber Security company business model, restructured an organization, and redefined its sales process, which included the development of a new product release that addressed the marketplace needs, and which as a result, successfully led a company to:
    • Increase company sales by 30% in less than nine months.
    • Increased efficiency by more than 150% while growing customer base by more than 200%.
    • Developed priority accounts and provided product marketing strategic direction for 50+ staff which decreased Churn Rate by 50%
  3. He successfully led 80% demand of Rights Issue Offering through the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.
  4. He reversed years of multi-million-dollar losses to make a break-even point with strategies for sustaining business operations with profitability.
Infima developed a sophisticated technology algorithm which compresses any types of files to a small size up to even bytes. The algorithm implemented as a Big Data Industry solution, as an Enterprise software solution in industries such as Medical and CAD and Mobile industries.
  1. Recruited by the Company’s Founders and raised the Seed money, negotiated and closed the 1st Investment-round with Private Investors Group.
  2. I built and strategized the business plan, defined and execute the company Marketing and Sales strategy, which a year after I achieved to negotiated and secured on the first company deal with Yahoo!
  3. Manage the operation the worked with the company CTO to build the Software Development Roadmap and features.
  4. Negotiated with companies such as Toshiba Medical, Fujitsu and Adobe and succeed to secure POC in 35% Success Rate.
  5. End User Application (B2C), which four months after launched, the software was at the top 10 downloads on download.com website (The largest site for download in 2008).
IEM developed the most advanced SMS technology Applications in the years in which SMS was the main VAT ( Value Add Services) for the Mobile industries.
  1. I developed the Business Plan, and the Business Model for the innovations SMS App
  2. Implemented the model and generated the meetings with the largest Industries Companies such as Vivo, At&t, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Orange Etc.
  3. Lead the Marketing team to generated meeting and deals with the most prominent companies at the Annual Qualcomm Mobile Summit at San Diego (2005-2006)
  4. Increase the company awareness with over 200% during the years through a Marketing Strategy.
  5. I negotiated and facilitated a Partners Collaboration with the biggest Mobile Operator In Europe.
Ticket2Final enables sports fans to reserve and purchase Sports Tickets, for the most exciting sporting events, such as – Euro-league Tickets (Final Four tickets).
  1. I was the responsible for raising funds and manage the Business operation, which I succeed to raised the Seed money and the 1st Investment Round.
  2. I built and strategized the business plan, defined and execute the company Marketing and Sales strategy, which I initiated the Business Development operation in Europe and the Middle East, which following our BD operation we had the biggest brand in the Soccer industry partner with us.
  3. I negotiated and facilitated the first Partner program and the relationship with the biggest league in Europe Such as the Basketball League in Europe.

Investment Banking & Private Equity 2008-2014

Positions Level & Projetcs

Fruition TechFund LLC is a U.S. based (Chicago) management fund that scouts and invest in Israeli and U.S. Technology companies and actively participate in their management. Achievements:
  1. I put in action years of experience as an Investment Broker to design and Strategize a new Financial Fund Structure, which was unique to used Alternative Investment structure in the Startup Investment Industry.
  2. The new uniqueness Fund’s structure brought a dozen top board members who have expertise in M&A, private equity, and venture capital.
  3. Designed and launched the web-online system for ( Crowd Funding ) investment.
  4. which increased tech companies application in more than 130% .
  5. I scouted over 150 technology companies which only 20% made the first screen and 40% prepared for the first presentation to the board members and which 15% of them chosen.
  6. Negotiated with the Tech Companies on the terms of the deal and closed the best conditions in our Investors’ favorites.
Fruition Investment House, focused on Fundraising, structuring Investment Group for leading technology startup in Series A and negotiation on Patents for Commercialization.
  1. Negotiated with technology companies, which I succeed to signed with the top Startup company in Israel and from Chicago in several industries.
  2. Built and strategized the business plan, financial forecast, presentation’s messages and GoTo market strategy, which I achieved to raised over $5M with that.
  3. I negotiated with Fortune 500 Companies to commercialized Patents (IPs) which I achieved to sell Patents to companies which succeed to have 7X (seven times ) ROI.
  4. I built and market a successful Road Shows, which brought more than 200 investors to meet with Tech Companies from Israel and Europe and success rate over 25%.
  5. I negotiated and built investment groups which and which one of my success was to lead an accusation of a Security Cyber trading company (Israeli Stock Exchange) in which our Investment Group doubled their investment value in less than nine months.
  6. I nominated as the board member on behalf of the investment group, and I accomplished to produce more than a 60% annual yield for our investment groups.
An Israeli service company who focused on the Israeli and European Market for entrepreneurs with innovation or Patent stage, in industries such as enterprise software, web solution, Medical Device, Cyber Security. Achievements:
  1. I was one of the Founder of YAM Business opportunity.
  2. As the Executive Office of the Company, I achieved to led YAM to becomes one of the first Incubators for Technology Startup Companies in Israel.
  3. The company hosted and negotiated with tens of the most competitive and advanced technology in the market.
  4. With less than 18 months I grow the company from three founders to 15 employees and with three years triple ( 300%) the company revenue and size.
Bio Face has developed a unique and innovative technology for face recognition.I structured a group of investors to invest in the company in the Seed Money and follow up investments.Achievements:
  1. After the inventors have developed the first company pro-type the board decided to sell the Patents to companies in N.A. To increase the odds of success.
  2. I led the team who negotiated and led sell process.
  3. We sold the set of patients after 18 months of negotiations with one of the largest company in the CA.
  4. The Group of Investors has received seven times (7X) on their investments within less than four years.
A cyber security company which went IPO on the Israeli Stock Exchange.
  1. I negotiated and built the investment groups who invested in the Company.
  2. The Private Group of Investors invested over $4M during the years.
  3. I nominated as the board member on behalf of the investment group.
  4. Accomplished to produce more than a 60% annual yield for our investment groups.