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Kiefer Hazaz

Executive Leader,
Revenu, Operation and Growth.


Kiefer Hazaz (MBA, Ph.D student) has ambitious, executive leader with 20+ years’ responsibility for achieving Enterprise Software, Big Data, and SaaS organizational goals through implementation of strategic international business approach, digital marketing implementation, high volume revenue growth, and efficient process improvements. Develop seasoned leaders in dynamic environments. Acute business acumen to strategically align organizational values to optimize profit.

Highly skilled in key account development with prioritization on customer experience to increase profits. Adept in creating opportunities from challenges to drive results with education to support best practices and innovative solutions.  Communication skills enhanced with bilingual skills, English and Hebrew.

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Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) 
@Cincopa Media (
2019 - Current

Video Enterpirse Managemnt Solution (SaaS), with extensive solution for publishing, hosting and engagements Video, Audio and Images. As the CRO, my responsible for all revenue generation processes in an organization. 

In addition to overseeing the strategy for profitable revenue generation over the short and long term.

I’m accountable for better integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including Marketing (PLG/SLG), Sales (Inbound/ Outbound), and Customer (Success/ Support). While coordinating the strategy and tactics with the Product-Dev team and the Company executive’s vision and goals.  


With my extensive experience in the SaaS industry, I have a flawless understanding of SaaS-based Enterpirse B2B cross-channel marketing and the programmatic space, with Cross-functional expertise ensuring sales, marketing, and customer relationship communicate well, share information, and collaborate in content creation so that all messaging fits their target customers. 

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Kiefer (Kfir). Hazaz Multicultural Management Experience: 

  • Managed cross-functional units to develop operational improvements that successfully achieved growth-oriented KPIs.

  • Managed international sales teams located in the US and Israel. 

  • Exceptional interpersonal communicator with a gift for connecting with all types of people – and with an unwavering commitment to perform at the highest level of professional excellence.

  • Developed management tools for in-office and remote teams across 
four territories with different cultures, reduced costs by 33%.










Delta, BC, Canada


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